December 9, 2011

Meet Jessica: Type 1 Diabetes Patient

“Before we could get pregnant, we had to sit down with a specialist to plan out what we were going to do with my blood sugars. My A1C had to be a six before we could think about getting pregnant... I signed up for CallingAllTypes because it was a good source for all the information I needed.”

Are you thinking of having a child and are concerned about the risks involved with diabetes? Listen to Jessica’s story about what she had to do to manage her diabetes while being pregnant. Our members continue to tell us how valuable online video resources can be, especially when it comes to peer to peer information. With that said, we’re looking for more videos from you that we can share with our members. Do you have a video like Jessica’s that you would like to share? Post your video to any video sharing website and send us the link! Then, stay tuned and subscribe to our blog for our weekly installment of, “Weekend Videos,” which will be posted here every Saturday. Your video could be featured on our blog! To see some of the other videos we’ve shared with our members already, click here. If you don’t want to make a video, but still want to contribute a story, we’ll take that too! Just write your story and send it to us. All videos and other entries can be emailed to

The decision to participate is always yours and your feedback is always wanted. At Calling All Types, we believe finding the right online resources to better manage your diabetes should be a whole lot easier! So sign up and be a part of our growing online health movement. Once you’ve joined, stay connected with us through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and YouTube.

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