December 16, 2011

Messages from Our Members

A common statement on our blog, if you haven’t noticed is, "Our members continue to tell us..." So what exactly are we talking about? Who are these members and what are they saying? Over the past few months, diabetes patients and caregivers have been sharing their stories and asking questions about living with diabetes. CallingAllTypes is helpful to people in providing online resources to help better manage diabetes. But for some questions, we think it’s better to call in the real diabetes experts – patients and caregivers like you!

Below are some questions and comments we’d love your response to. You can do this by:

Member One: 
"I am trying to learn better and healthier ways to control blood sugar; I have been diabetic for a little over a year."

Member Two:
"Does diabetes sometimes cause mental confusion and contradictions and sudden changes of mind or positions on matters?"

Member Three:
"Why is the cost of insulin so high? I have insurance, but cannot use it for insulin as I would be in the 'donut hole' in February each year."

The decision to participate is always yours and your feedback is always wanted. At CallingAllTypes, we believe finding the right online resources to better manage your diabetes should be a whole lot easier! So sign up and be a part of our growing online health movement. Once you've joined, stay connected with us through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and YouTube.

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