March 23, 2012

Beat Type 2 Diabetes

Brian BuckleyWhen CallingAllTypes started in October of 2011, Brian Buckley was one of the first people we connected with online. Since then we've always kept an eye on Brian's great initiative, the Beat Type 2 Diabetes Program. This program has great tips on exercise and healthy eating. I recently tried the new Cole Slaw dish. It was delicious. With the CallingAllTypes blog now being devoted to patient interviews, it was only a matter of time before Brian would be spotlighted. Here's my conversation with Brian.

CallingAllTypes: Talk about some of the emotions you had when you were first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Brian: There was quite a mixture of different emotions. First of all I was relieved to find out that there was a reason for my sudden weight loss, blurred vision, incredible thirst, and recent irritability, and that something could be done about it. Pretty much all of my other emotions were negative.

My doctor told me that he has seen my condition handled with oral meds, diet change, weight loss, and exercise, so he said there was no need to start me on insulin. As soon as I had a plan to work on, my analytical side kicked in and I started putting the plan into action. At that point I was happy to have a project that would make me feel better.

CallingAllTypes: Your blog consists of a lot of recipes, diet tips, etc. For someone who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, what are some helpful tips for choosing the right diet?

Brian: The first requirement is that it needs to be something that helps you achieve your goals. This means that you need to be able to stick with it. The most important trait for anyone newly diagnosed with diabetes to develop is discipline. Personally I am a big believer in the 4 Hour Body diet. It has helped me manage my diabetes immensely, and I have no trouble sticking to it. For someone who can't or doesn't want to eat all the beans and legumes that this diet needs, that won't work.

Next you need to be able to easily configure your diet to suit your day-to-day life. It needs to be changeable. If you increase your activity level one day, or have a hypo episode, it's helpful to be able to add carbs into your day without going overboard and gaining weight or causing your BG to fluctuate, so including something that you can snack on when you really need it.

CallingAllTypes: What has been the most rewarding part of the Beat Type 2 Diabetes program?

Brian: The ability to help other people who are going through the same emotions and uncertainty that I did twelve years ago is huge. My purpose in life seems to be here to help. My current business interests, my entire career, and my volunteer interests are all built around that purpose. This program allows me to reach and help a greater number of people.

CallingAllTypes: How has social media helped you in managing diabetes?

Brian: There is more information available now than there ever has been. Social media has provided me with a window into all of that information. Every time I meet a new person on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, I have an opportunity to learn from their experiences. Sure it's necessary to put a filter on all of this information. One thing about diabetes is that we are all different human beings – what works one way for me may work completely different for you. Filter aside; I would rather have access to the information so I can evaluate for myself how it will work for me.

The other really important contribution that social media provides is a huge support network. The people who use social media are sharing by nature. The point of all of it is to connect. I have received so much positive influence from my networks that I can't even fully describe. Their support includes encouragement, advocacy, instruction, opportunity, and friendship. It's incredibly uplifting for anyone with diabetes to know that they're not in it alone. That's how I felt that Friday night in the ER. Social media reaffirms every day that there are thousands of people in my life who are with me and want me to succeed!

With spring here it’s time to start firing up the grill again. I’ll be sure to keep in touch with all of Brian’s healthy recipes for my bbq parties. I hope you’ll do the same. The Calling All Types team would like to thank Brian for a great interview. Don’t forget, you can stay up to date with all things Beat 2 Diabetes by going to

The decision to participate is always yours and your feedback is always wanted. At Calling All Types, we believe finding the right online resources to better manage your diabetes should be a whole lot easier! So sign up and be a part of our growing online health movement. Once you’ve joined, stay connected with us through TwitterFacebookFoursquare and YouTube. 

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